Is creativity for an art something that a person is born with, or is it something you can develop?

I know that photography is an art that really attracts me as this is something that I have wanted to do for many years. I love beautiful photos and I loved being “wowed” by an extraordinary photo.

Do I have a passion for taking photos? definitely not yet, at the moment my photography causes me more anger, frustration and wonder than I would care to have in my life. Wonders of what the hell I am doing? Wonder if I am trying to prove something to my self or someone? I know that I definitely want to learn how to take those “wow” photos, because, when I do take a good photo or learn something new it makes me happy and puts a bounce in my step.

I was in conversation with a friend of mine this week, who very generously shared his photographic journey with me. His words to me were that you either are creative or you not, so if not, stop the journey now and don’t waste your time!

So the question I have, is at what stage does a person have to come back to reality and acknowledge that they just don’t have that creative spark that people talk about, or, that there is something there and to give it a really good go?


5 responses to “CREATIVITY, IS IT IN YOU OR NOT?

  1. I do not believe in the statement “either you are creative or not”, it’s true that we all have different talents and passions, but creativity is a huge part of everybody’s life. It depends on how you categorise ‘creativity’? Most people have a stereotypical person in mind, when they think of someone who is creative, the struggling artist who pulls beautiful artwork out of nothing. I don’t believe in that.
    I know that you need determination and that nothing worth while just falls into your lap. If you work through that frustration and go on a journey to solve the problems of representation and how to show what you want to express, you are on the way. its not an easy path to follow, but solving those issues in as many different ways you can imagine, experimenting that’s what I call creative. I think the real issue is, whether you enjoy this journey and love even the complicated and frustrating times, when it does not work. I think to be an artist you have to love it. But we are all creative.

  2. Wow Janna, thank you so much for your feed back. I love the word determination…I’m stealing your words of wisdom and taking them with me on my journey! Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

  3. I think Janna is right on! I dont believe the word creativity should be so limited to only those who are born with it , one can argue that is not creativity , thats just a talent, can creativity be conditional to only those born with it? i believe that being creative is a choice ! a choice to express yourself !!! A way of communicating with the world, a way that creates beauty and a connection between people this is how it can truely be enjoy by yourself and others …the expression of oneself is a beautiful thing if is done in a creative way! so keep it simple , dont think about too much about it, let it flow through you cause theres no boundry, it is limitless and free!

  4. oh I agree with the comments posted and so arrogant to say “you either are or you’re not” beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is the expression of someones gut put into pictures, photographs even food. so take up your camera and shoot!

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