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Thought I would share what seems to be a goer amongst the peeps of this world…Think I need to start sharing again..


G’day to all my followers, he he! don’t you love that, “all my followers” sounds like a cult.

On a more serious note I want to take this post to say thank you so much for 2011. Thank you for your support, comments, feedback and enthusiasm. Most of all thank you so much for letting me be my self in my journey of self exploration and discovering who I am as a creative being.

There are often times when I wonder what the point of this blog is and find my work and posts SO boring, other times I think this if for me documenting my journey, but if the truth be known I keep blogging because every noun and then someone says something that just fills my wings to fly further and higher. I want to be a photographer!

In 2011 I got my camera, I subscribed to Digital Photography, I got out and took photos to find my photographic eye. I printed a few of my photos and gave my work as a gift to a couple of close friends, a big deal for me. I did a couple of day courses and begun my exploration of new apps, Photoshop and tools to edit my photos into works of art.

In 2012 you will see me go to new levels, this year is when I start taking photos that wow! you. You will see me technically and creatively go to new levels. You will see me with my camera ALL the time. You will see me take photos where I had to embarrass my self to get the shot. I have given my self permission to take the time to create, works of art, photo shoots and go on photographic expeditions. I will be entering competitions and who knows…maybe I will invite you to view my photos in an exhibition?

I look forward to hearing all your dreams for 2012, I look forward to see what you create in 2012 and last but not least, I look forward to seeing you in 2012.

AND NOW, please view what 2012 is all about……


AS you have noticed, I have not been blogging in a couple of weeks, the break down is that I have returned to work and any creative ideas, desires and wants are “just not a priority” in the survival of life.

I say this very loosely as I don’t believe in surviving life, and this is not how I’m committed to live my life. I believe in a full life, however, I do need to be realistic that my 10 month son Orlando can’t think for him self and that is my duty as his mother.

I have been think how I’m gong to manage exploring my creative side, where am I going to find time to take photos that are not taken with my mobile phone and edited on an I phone app. Where am I gong to find time to take “actual” photos, where am I going to find time to expand my knowledge?

Oh my! oh my! just writing this makes me ponder in the thought!

So I went back to the beginning, back to what The Majestic Red Shed is? What is it about? What is the Majestic Red Shed’s purpose and why do I blog?

… “The Majestic Red Shed is an open and free space, a blank canvas … ”

What a great reminder!

It seems I got stuck in what it is to be a photographer. How “that” looked I didn’t have time for it, what ever “that” is? Going back to what inspired me about this blog is that it is a journey of creativity, me taking photos is a by product of that expression, it’s not set in stone, it’s not the truth. This way of thinking is destructive and limiting.

At what stage did I tell my self that taking a photo with my mobile phone is not a form of creative expression? Why have I got it in my head that editing photos on an app is wrong? And why have I convinced my self that unless I take a photo on a camera with a big lens and edit it in adobe CS5 it’s not creative? Gosh, I feel sorry for all you artist out there that use pastels, pencils, paint & paint brushes on a canvas how dare you?

Those thoughts are now thrown into the sky only to be captured by a black hole, never to be thought again!

My creative expression is reborn, what appears on this blog will be created by my self and other inspiring creative beings who wants to express themselves, their thoughts and share their discoveries. Any creative apparatus that are discovered along the way will be utilized, abused if loved and maybe kept or maybe disposed of when done.

I urge you to go through the catalogue of your busy life, find where you have boxed yourself, limited yourself and then, take yourself back to nothing only leaving new beginnings.


It’s amazing when we are embarking on something new in our lives we automatically cut half the opportunity. I have only recently begun to share with people that I’m a keen photographer, not a very good one at this stage but keen and the journey is new. I was sharing with a friend who is a professional photographer one night; his instant response to me was “wow, that’s awesome, your subject is right here, your son Orlando.” To be honest, I was keeping all my family and friends out of “this”, “this” being my preparation for failure. I was going to do it on my own!
Funny! Isn’t it, funny that I would take the major subjects in my life straight out of the picture before I’ve even begun?

Although I LOVE my surroundings and will continue to photograph the beautiful place that I live and the majestic places that I visit, I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic and stagnated with taking photos. I have recently realized that people are missing from my pictures, not only have I cut my family and friends from my hobby, but people all together. You all know me well, can you imagine me with out human contact in my life, I would be nothing, I love people, I thrive of people, and I am who I am because of people.

I recently posted quotes from Miles Davis, one of them says that when you are creating your own “shit, man, even the sky ain’t the limit.” Well guys, the sky ain’t my limit, welcome to my life, my family and the people I know, and welcome to those people I don’t know yet?



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