My father used to say to me, ‘€˜never think like a pop star – think like an architect’. A pop star has their moment because they’€™re young, they’€™re accidentally part of something and have talent to go with it. An architect has a talent, refines it and gets better with development and age.


People always ask me ’What’s the answer? How did you do it?’ It’€™s the big answer that everyone is looking to be given. The reality is that you are the answer. You can’€™t be someone else. You’€™ll always be a second rate version of the person you admire. So you have to be yourself and if you are really honest you become original. I find myself now taking a ’€˜Platon’€™ picture because I’€™ve come to terms with who I am. What I want, what I feel, what I strive for – it’€™s purely me and I’€™m not trying to be anybody else.

That’€™s what I tell young people now. I say to them, ‘You have the answer. It’s inside you. You have to listen to your heart, listen to your mind, mix them both up and that’€™s the beginning of the journey’. If I did it, anybody can do it. It is difficult but it’€™s supposed to be difficult. People don’€™t make a difference easily! Especially with something where you’€™re in uncharted territory. You have to create your own formulas – in business, in design, in creativity – to make it effective. I always try and empower people with this sense that they can do it.



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