It’s amazing when we are embarking on something new in our lives we automatically cut half the opportunity. I have only recently begun to share with people that I’m a keen photographer, not a very good one at this stage but keen and the journey is new. I was sharing with a friend who is a professional photographer one night; his instant response to me was “wow, that’s awesome, your subject is right here, your son Orlando.” To be honest, I was keeping all my family and friends out of “this”, “this” being my preparation for failure. I was going to do it on my own!
Funny! Isn’t it, funny that I would take the major subjects in my life straight out of the picture before I’ve even begun?

Although I LOVE my surroundings and will continue to photograph the beautiful place that I live and the majestic places that I visit, I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic and stagnated with taking photos. I have recently realized that people are missing from my pictures, not only have I cut my family and friends from my hobby, but people all together. You all know me well, can you imagine me with out human contact in my life, I would be nothing, I love people, I thrive of people, and I am who I am because of people.

I recently posted quotes from Miles Davis, one of them says that when you are creating your own “shit, man, even the sky ain’t the limit.” Well guys, the sky ain’t my limit, welcome to my life, my family and the people I know, and welcome to those people I don’t know yet?


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