Well hello supportive subscribers. As you have noticed or not, I have not blogged in over a week. Mother hood and preparing for a ski trip seem to have consumed my time.

Despite having been a regular to the snow for the past several years I receive daily e-mails from my partner with a list of things to do. The list contains things that I have never done in the past; however, I know if I don’t do what he tells me (and this is because he is such a thorough person) I know something bad will happen. Like they won’t have his size boots or our accommodation won’t be booked. I couldn’t stand the disappointment and the feeling of “this could have been avoided if only I had listened to him” so, I do what he tells me to do.

My son has also started crawling and with this a new personality has come out. He is demanding attention and the enquiry to his new world is in full blow, we love it, his in adventure and his baby creative buzz.

It occurred to me on Sunday that blogging had taken a bit of a back seat so I sat down with a glass of red, while my partner was busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen (how things should really be in the life of a true woman) I took out my I phone to get my creative notes that I have been gathering over the past few months. However, they were gone! I didn’t push a button and they didn’t sink, blah, blah, blah, they were gone! With that the BOTTLE of red wine was consumed and the laptop put aside. Over the past couple of days I have slowly stared to climb back on the wagon as they say.

I also had a very good friend phone and ask me what’s happening with my blog, she noticed she hadn’t received any notices and commented on how she enjoyed getting them and was missing them. Thanks Lise, your words gave me some inspiration to get of my behind and get blogging!

So my faithful subscribers from now on, you are going to get my creative inspirations and discoveries as they happen. No more harboring for a rainy day or when I run out of things to say. Hopefully you will love receiving them and won’t be bothered by my creative journey.


4 responses to “BREAK DOWN!

  1. Hi Wow … i really admired you Miss Yariet ! you say you will do something and now you are doing it ! I m so glad you are back on your blog , to be honest , I look forward to read your post and your photos ! I loved them ! it is a real inspiration for me and it give me a break from my work and my world ! Thank Yariet keep it up ! 🙂

  2. Ah Yariet, you’ve done it again, you’ve gone and got ME inspired too! I’m taking this great course at uni, not sure if I told you about it – Cultures of the Supernatural. Just finished the lit component (and the humungous essay) and about to move on to the film and tv bit. Think I might just write my next essay about Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Sue heaven!! Anyhoo, all this studying of the craft of writing fantasy fiction and getting a deeper understanding of where my favourite authors are coming from has given me an insight into where I want to take my own creativity. I’ve always known I want to write, I’ve just never really gotten more than a start on anything. But my uni course has really got me thinking about what I want to write, and now you have inspired me to do the blog thing to kick it off. I love the concept of sharing my creativity from the get go, not hiding it away until I’m satisfied that it’s good enough for public consumption. I also love the accountability of a blog like yours – people are calling you on your committment to your creative journey. So thanks dudette! Oh, and I love hearing about Orlando, it’s just the most amazing revelation to see a child grow into their personality, and they have such very big personalities, what a privilege it is to be a parent.

    • Ah my purpose has been fulfilled. I can highly recommend wordpress to blog on and take your time in setting it up, make sure you get what you want. I am so exited and can’t wait to receive the invite to join your blog..wohoooo! Thank you for your support and contribution to me…love you…truly!

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