I was struggling with what to write on my blog this week, when my partner who is an amazing musician told me not to put that stress on my self, “this is something fun, relaxed and an opportunity to explore, don’t make it stressful”, was his advice. Very good advice, so I took it on.

Friday after a couple of wines he popped out to get chips for our unusual “high carb” dinner when suddenly the topic of Selfishness vs Creativity came into my head, do I need to become one of those selfish creative people that makes my life all about photography and everything else can come second; do I need to become like this to progress with speed as it’s just not happening at the moment?

My brain is ticking, my eyes are always moving, moving, moving. I’ve always had an opinion that creative people are selfish people, and I always said that they have to be selfish to master their art. Well, this has been my opinion anyway, and, I think I’m starting to confirm it, feel it and understand it. When I’m walking my eyes are always wondering, my mind is ticking…tic, tic, tick

Do you think it’s rude to have wondering eyes when someone is speaking to you, or to maybe “zone out” for a moment while your mind is obsessing about what is possible, how far this can go?

It seems to be acceptable if a person has truly mastered their art if you have not, then please don’t you dare wonder and tick, tick, tick!

After retuning with a rather large amount of chips I informed my partner that I had just written my blog and he said “you see, it just comes to you, you can’t be pushed into creativity, you have to grab it when it comes”


4 responses to “CREATIVITY vs SELFISHNESS?

  1. I really think selfishness is a limitation to creativity, I think creative people need to be forcus but thats not the same as being selfish. Selfish people count and measure everything they give , they limit themselve and is fearful of giving …whereas creativity is full of unlimitation and free beauty ! I think it is not selfish when you are just forcus and think about your photography cause it is becoming apart of you, i believe great artist make this the first priority of their life cause it brings them intense joy to share their way to expression share with the world … so it is definetly not selfish .. 🙂 i dont believe you have a selfish bone in your body!

    • Great point Lisa, in my world it’s being selfishness however in your world you see it as a person being focused about their passion. Honestly, this never crossed my mind. Your way is defiantly a better out look allowing the people around you to be free and the best they possibly can. Seeing it as focused just gives freedom for people to be who and what they want! LOVE IT!

  2. Don’t worry I think it’s all about finding the balance. It would be impossible for your life to be all about photography; you need to be living life, enjoying, smelling, touching and tasting it, to spark the tick, tick, tick in your head, get the creative juices flowing, and then taking photos. Just make sure you’ve got the camera on hand. You have a wonderful life with so much to capture and share. I look forward to sharing your adventures!

    • Hi Sonia, you are right hence The World is My Prodigy…it’s makes what happens inside The Majestic Red Shed and life endless! I feel SO exited and yet don’t need it ALL now it will all unfold at the right time! Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it.

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