What is creativity? What is it to you? What is it to me? Is it the discovery of music, art, sculpting, printing, designing, making movies or documentaries, taking photos, writing, finding quotes that inspire you, is it the effort you put into health and fitness to sculpt your body, decorate your home?

This blog will take you on a journey of innovation & expression. Sharing my findings unearthed though my five senses & sharing with you what creativity I unleash with in my self.

Please join me on this adventure, as you will be an important part of the invention and expression that create this blog.


12 responses to “COME WITH ME!

  1. Awesome…! I’m proud to be the first post on this blog and wish you the best with this going forward… Nice snaps you got of melbournes autum colors….. Will stay tuned for more…:)

  2. I always knew one day you would go on this discovery…you just can’t beat that creative seed, sparkling inside! I will follow you and admire your findings along the way! You inspire me to pull out my own creativity again and to nurture this beautiful gift! Love you

  3. Good to see you are putting that knowledge you got in the photographic course to good value! All your pics so far look great! Very creative, great colours and good composition. Looking forward to seeing some more. Lots of great things to photograph around where you are!

  4. Thanks a mil Glenn, wow you make me feel good! perhaps you can share some of your work on The Majestic Red Shed?

  5. Hello my friend thank you for sharing the beautiful colours of Melbourne. Made me homesick – until I realised it was probably a little on the chilly side back home at the moment. I think you need to come for a little adventure to this inspiring part of the world to practice your photography talents on local outback and wildlife. Lots of love my friend and I miss you xxx

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